The SPF can enter premises by force and seize documents, money, equipment and anything else that may be considered evidence.

Gambling in Finland

gambling in Finland

Gambling is legal in Finland, and there are many different platforms you can choose from. Nopeampi is one of the most popular online casinos in the country, offering everything from poker to sports betting. They also have baccarat and live dealer games. You can even play lottery games and participate in fantasy sports contests.

Online and land-based gambling are legal in Finland

Both land-based and online gambling in Finland are legal. In the case of land-based casinos, players must have a Finnish security number and permanent address. In the case of online casinos, players must have a Finnish bank account. Finland’s gambling sector is stable, and the government is considering opening it up to external companies.

Gambling in Finland is state-regulated, and all gambling activities are regulated under the Finnish Lotteries Act. The state-owned operator Veikkaus Oy is responsible for overseeing sports betting, instant-win games, and national lotteries. In addition, the operator makes sure that the gambling industry is conducted responsibly.

Fantasy sports betting, social gambling, loot boxes are not regulated in Finland

The government of Finland has not yet regulated fantasy sports betting, social gambling, or loot boxes, but they have opened a public inquiry on gambling law reform in March 2021. The law reform proposal does not explicitly mention loot boxes, making the regulation of these platforms unclear. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has proposed regulation of loot boxes through the gambling law.

Currently, children and adolescents are exposed to sports betting cues while watching TV at home. According to the latest statistics, around 17% of advertising during live sport is aimed at gambling. Moreover, youth have reported seeing advertising for gambling in social media and on YouTube. The issue needs to be addressed.

Payment blocking orders against iGaming companies in violation of the Lotteries Act

Payment blocking orders are designed to prevent payment transactions involving gambling activities outside the jurisdiction of the Finnish Lotteries Board. This would significantly limit the availability of gambling services in the country. Under these orders, banks and payment service providers would be obligated to block payment transactions involving gambling-related activities.

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Payment blocking orders can be issued by authorised government officers to prevent unlawful remote gambling activity. The SPF can enter premises by force and seize documents, money, equipment and anything else that may be considered evidence. This power is unrestricted, and the SPF has the authority to search any premises connected to an offending casino operator.

Underage gambling is not legal in Finland

Gambling is not legal in Finland for individuals under the age of 18. This prohibition is meant to prevent gambling addiction and irresponsible spending, which are very common among young people. In addition, gambling activities are closely regulated and there is a high risk of getting caught if you are underage. This regulation protects both the casino industry and the public. It requires casino employees and website maintainers to check identification before letting minors play.

Gambling activities in Finland are regulated by the National Police Board. If a casino attracts minors or promotes problem gambling, it will be subject to fines or imprisonment. Punishment can be up to two years in prison. The National Lotteries Act is scheduled to be amended in 2020, and there are proposals to ban advertising for illegal gambling businesses.

Penalties for unlawful marketing of gambling in Finland

Penalties for unlawful marketing of gambling in the country have recently increased. Under the new rules, gambling operators that fail to comply with the rules face payment blocks, a ban on advertising and a blacklist maintained by the National Police Board. The new law also bans social media influencers from advertising gambling.

Under the new law, it is also illegal to promote gambling activities in Finland. Penalties for unlawful marketing can range from fines to imprisonment. In addition to jail time, marketing a gambling activity without a license may result in a two-year ban.

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