Susquehanna County voters speak their minds

More than half of Susquehanna County’s voters went to the polls Tuesday and followed a Republican landslide, except in the state legislative race in the 114th District.

Some 14,200 ballots were cast out of 25,438 registered voters for a 55.82 percent voter turnout.

For U.S. Senate, Pat Toomey (R) garnered 9,114 voters or 65.085% to Joe Sestak (D) with 4,850 or 34.63%.

For Governor/Lt.Governor, Tom Corbett/Jim Cawley (R) got 9,582 votes or 68.27% to Dan Onorato/Scott Conklin (D) with 4,386 or 31.25%.

For U.S. Congress, Thomas Marino (R) got 7,958 votes or 56.77% to Christopher Carney (D) with 6,024 or 42.97%.

For State Senate, 20th District, Lisa Baker (R) got 4,663 votes or 97.72%.

For State Representative, 110th District, Tina Pickett (R) got 2,154 votes or 96.85%.

For State Representative, 111th District, Sandra Major (R) got 8,305 votes or 74.98% to Jim Knapp (D) with 2,186 votes or 19.73% to Jay Sweeney (G) with 555 votes or 5.01%.

For State Representative, 114th District, Daniel Naylor (R) got 198 votes or 45.41% to Sid Michaels Kavulich (D) with 237 votes or 54.36%.

For State Representative, 117th District, Karen Boback (R) got 2,064 votes or 82.20% to Richard Shermanski (D) with 440 votes or 17.52%.

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