Mt. View business director retires


More changes are in store for Mountain View as the district’s business director opted to retire from his position by the end of the month.

The board accepted Joseph Patchcoski’s resignation at the Monday, Sept. 14 board meeting. But board members had questions regarding the school budget and the new teachers’ contract and payroll.

Newly appointed board member Dr. Andrew Chichura asked about the status of the district’s cash flow with no state budget in place. “Will we need revenue anticipation notes?” he asked.

Patchcoski said the district had enough in its fund balance to withstand another year. He said the basic education subsidy would be coming; as well as the $50,000-$60,000 the district was shorted last year.

He said the district would likely end the year with a “very large deficit” but “The district is okay for awhile where other districts are failing.”
Board member Jason Richmond asked about the recent financial downgrading of the district’s bond issues.

Patchcoski said that with school bond issues, Forest City and Susquehanna were also facing the same situation.

Audience member Corey Gesford asked if the recent business office retirements would further impact payroll. Patchcoski said he believed the office would manage with the assistant business manager, as well as informational support from two local school districts and CSIU.

Retroactive pay will be applied to the teachers as soon as possible, Patchcoski said. He said the process involves a tremendous amount of data entry.

“It’s going to get done but it’s got to be done right,” he said.

Through some back and forth between board members, it came to light that the teachers’ contract had not yet been signed.

Board member Sondra Stine said the district had been waiting on the arbitrator to decide the step placement for two teachers for several months and asked if the contract could be signed with a memorandum of understanding that those staff members’ salary schedule could be different based upon the arbitrator’s decision.

Board president Thomas Stoddard said the decision was needed in order to know what the payroll is going to be.

“If it doesn’t impact the contract, why not sign it?” Richmond questioned.

With some changes made after the board and union voted to approve the contract, Patchcoski said he thought board members should see the contract before it was signed.

Superintendent Karen Voigt said she, along with a union representative, was reviewing the contract.

The district approved advertising the business manager position with applications due by Oct. 9. at 2 p.m.

Chichura asked for a current job description be emailed to the board members, along with any additional qualifications that would be added to the job description.

In other business:

*Jamie Boerio and Whitney Twining were granted tenure, effective Aug. 27;
*Supplemental coaching positions were approved.

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