Scher dies in prison




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Dr. Stephen Scher, who was serving a life sentence for the 1976 murder of his friend Martin Dillon, died of natural causes at the State Correctional Institute at Laurel Highlands in Somerset County on Aug. 9. He was 70.

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On June 2, 1976, Scher and Dillon had been shooting clay pigeons at Dillon’s family hunting cabin, named Gunsmoke, in Silver Lake Twp.

Scher was first convicted of Dillon’s murder in October 1997. The case was appealed and in 2004 a new trial was ordered.

He was tried again in front of a Susquehanna County jury in March 2008; and was convicted on the first degree murder charge and sentenced to life in prison.

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Witnesses testified at both trials that Scher and Dillon’s wife, Patricia, were embroiled in a love affair prior to the murder. Scher married Patricia in 1978. The couple had since divorced.

For 20 years, Scher claimed Dillon was killed when his shotgun accidentally went off as he was chasing after a porcupine.

On the stand in 1997, Scher recanted that story and said he and Dillon struggled with the weapon and it fired into Dillon’s chest.

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  1. glad he cooked in jail

  2. Good riddance to that thug

  3. I just saw the story of this evil doctor on Forensic Files. He murdered his own friend to marry and have lifetime intimate relations with his friend’s amoral wife. Granted, his friend’s wife was a pos, but omg, what an evil creature this doctor was. His death makes the world cleaner. When her time comes, she’ll leave the world cleaner as well.

  4. facts are facts – free from emotion. the fact is that the doctor fired his weapon at a 45 degree angle into his friends chest from approx. 5 to 6ft away.. fact the dr was having an affair w/ this friends wife. Fact he lied about the porcupine story. fact the dr. had blood spatter on this boots.. and what gets me.. Dillons children gave up their inheritance to defend their step father – who murdered their father. I mean seriously WTF?

  5. Sad case RIP Martin Dillion
    Justice has been served.

  6. It’s a sad story on all counts. I tried to reserve judgement on the man because, at the end of the day, we will ALL have to answer to our creator. Although, when someone takes a little time to gather information from objective sources, then one draws conclusions based on that information, it’s no longer a snap judgement but rather, an observation. With this in mind, I came across an interview which was published in one of the area’s local newspapers shortly after Dr. Scher’s original trial. They interviewed Dr. Scher’s 1st wife (the woman to whom he was legally married at the time he murdered his attorney friend. I’ve concluded that Dr. Scher was a sociopath. His first wife, was on a number of psycho active medications (prescribed by none other than her husband) was suspicious of his adulterous affair with Patricia Dillon before the murder occurred. She’d even caught them behaving inappropriately. The 1st wife suffered from depression and a number of other maladies. Soon after Matt Dillion’s murder, the 1st wife attempted suicide via pills. When she returned home, she noticed that her soon-to-be X husband would leave full bottles of hard core Rx drugs (which included oxycontin, percocet, xanax, valium and similar substances that kill people) in obvious places (to give her ready access). She testified that she believed he had hoped she would have taken the drugs with the hope that her next attempt at suicide would meet with success. When I read that, I was incensed. Ya know, there’s such a thing called DIVORCE. Yeah, it can be difficult and contentious. But when you weigh the pros and cons, I think divorce comes out ahead, by a huge margin. 1st off, divorce is legal while murder is not. Statutes of limitations have no impact on divorce unless it has to do with litigation established by parties in individual cases. Therefore, it’s largely irrelevant. With murder, at least in the USA. there is NO statute of limitation. If someone commits murder, it doesn’t matter if it was last week or 30 years prior, one can still be convicted of it. With divorce, one’s young children can still enjoy the advantage of both parents being a proactive part of their lives even though the parents no longer reside under the same roof. With murder, those young children are often forced to grow up without their parents. With divorce, there’s a much better chance that your kids won’t hate you because your selfish misgivings be it greed,selfish materialism and a refusal to resist being an avaricious
    cheapskate (funny how those types always lavish their mistresses with expensive gifts, homes, cars, luxury vacations and the like). Whether it’s the lack of self control to put a leash on one’s over active sex drive and wanderlust, whether it’s financially motivated or all of the above, matters not. It’s kind of hard a part of the children’s lives when one is serving a life sentence in prison. And, being that mom was murdered by dad, ya cant blame the kids for the resentment they hold because it’s YOUR FAULT they were orphaned. Even if some parole board deems that you no longer pose a danger to public trust, don’t be too shocked if your kids want nothing to do with you. Had you been.the father who.murdered my mother, you can bet your a** I’d never want to see you again. In fact I’d take out a PPO because who’s to say wouldn’t come after me because I didn’t visit you in person and champion your innocence? On the other hand,.if I truly felt you were wrongly convicted, Id not only visit, I’d be doing everything possible to get you released!

  7. Donna TENAGLIA | May 3, 2022 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    Glad that smug sob died in prison. And the children, looking so superior, standing up for the man who murdered their father in cold blood, I am positive these pos kids had nothing whatsoever to do with their fathers side of the family including their grandparents, obviously they take after their mother who looks good as ice. May she rot in hell with him!

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