Elk Lake grad swimming for Lycoming College



When Jehiel Boner enrolled at Lycoming College in Williamsport for business he wasn’t sure the future of his participation in the sport he dedicated so much to in high school.

However, after trying out for and making the Lycoming swim team in his freshman year, Boner had a new sense of purpose and a new “swim family.”

Boner, 20, of Springville, now a sophomore, said that the family aspect is what he enjoys most about being a Warrior swimmer.

“It never really felt like a team in high school,” Boner said. “It always felt like just a bunch of individuals competing. The team element here makes it way more fun.”

Elk Lake graduate Jehiel Boner is swimming for Lycoming College in the backstroke and relay events.

However, he said that the competition at the college level has been more difficult than when he was in high school.

“The competition is a lot higher skill,” Boner said. “But I know a lot of the kids in our conference from swimming with them in high school. It’s good to see them grow as athletes.”

Boner said that when he made the team at Lycoming it was a very gratifying experience.

“The swim family here is incredible,” Boner said. “Parents and the community gets really involved in it.”

This year, despite being signed onto the team as a butterfly swimmer, Boner has moved on to competing in the back stroke and freestyle relay events.

It’s something that he is happy with, since he enjoys those swimming styles more.

“I was recruited for fly, but I’ve kind of moved on,” Boner said. “I’m happy about it, because I really like what I do now. I’m kind of a utility swimmer.”

Boner said his favorite event to compete in is the 200 freestyle relay.

Looking at the season ahead, Boner said he has some goals in mind for the NCAA Division III Warriors, who compete in the Mid Atlantic Conference.

“As far as the team goes, I hope we finish with a better record than last year,” Boner said. “We were around .500 last year, and we hope to do better. We have a lot of promising freshman swimmers this year.”

As far as personal goals, he is more looking to help the team.

“Of course I would like to cut my times,” Boner said. “But its mostly about making the finals and scoring as many points as I can for the team.”

And looking ahead on how he hopes to leave his mark on Lycoming, he had some thoughts.

“I pride myself in being part of the recruiting process at Lycoming,” Boner said. “I like to show new swimmers a good time. And I hope I’m remembered for that.”

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