Local musicians perform in Region IV band


A select group of talented musicians representing 25 public and private schools rehearsed for several days at Montrose Area High School, culminating with a concert Saturday afternoon.

Students from bothWyomingCountyschool districts and twoSusquehannaCountyschool districts were among those who earned a seat in the regional band, comprised of PMEA Districts 8 and 9.

Students were selected through a series of auditions requiring sight-reading and performance skills. While at the regional festival, students auditioned for the opportunity to play in the state band festival.

The regional band was conducted by Fred David Romines ofMarywoodUniversity.

Suzanne Bennici was the host director.

The program consisted of five pieces selected by the conductor during the days of rehearsal. “Nitro” by Frank Ticheli was a high energy, volatile piece, contrasting with the gentler harmonies of “The Willows of Winter” by B.J. Brooks. Mollie Host of Montrose was the featured soloist for “The Willows.”

“The Irish Washerwoman,”  from the Irish Suite by Leroy Anderson, was a lively, familiar jig tune, and featured Jenna Stango fromNorth Poconoon piccolo, who was a standout in last year’s district band festival, also held at MASD.

“Finiculi Finicula,”  a familiar, rousing tune by Denza, was arranged by Yo Goto, a Japanese band pedagogue whose great influence on band technique in Ja-pan has become influential in the west as well, used sounding brass to great effect at the beginning, then again showed of Stango on the piccolo.

“Tulsa,” a more symphonic selection, was a sweeping drama, beginning at the settlers’ first arrival, progressing through wild western themes and parade music to a modern urban landscape. “Tulsa” featured a trombone solo and inventive, startling percussion effects.

From Wyoming County: Lackawanna Trail: Garrett Craig-Lucas, clarinet II; Gary Weidner, bass clarinet; Cecilia Strauch, bassoon II; Richard Pollock, tenor saxophone; and Kyle Holmes, tromboneIII.

From Tunkhannock Area: Katie Proulx, horn; and Randy Howell, clarinet II.


Montrose Area: Amanda Rucker, flute II; Mollie Host, clarinet I; Rebeckah Ball, alto clarinet; Jacob Kerbaugh, bass clarinet; Adam Distad, cornetIII; Samantha Bennici, horn II; Megan Gregory, hornIII; and Nicholas Best, baritone.

ForestCityRegional: Doria MIller, clarinet II; and Michaela Martines, clarinetIII.



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