Montrose street department in need of new truck


The Montrose Borough street department received the go-ahead from council to pursue the purchase of a new truck for winter road maintenance.

The truck currently in use is no longer able to handle some of the steep, narrow hills around town.

At this time, Street Department supervisor Ken DiPhillips is considering the purchase of a Ford 550 which can be built to handle the often severe winter conditions.

The current truck will continue to be used for leaf collection, as well as summer work around the borough.

The street department also suggested the soft wood – branches and tree trunks – be advertised as free to borough residents. Any borough resident interested in the wood is asked to call the borough street department at 570-278-2442 ext. 2.

Street signs have been ordered for Cedar Street to warn drivers of no left turn on Cherry Street and to advise them of a stop ahead. The signs are being placed with the expectation of reducing traffic on the narrow street and eliminating damage to the houses on the corner of Cedar and Cherry.

Police Chief Dale Smith has requested permission to send up to four officers to a special training for PA Narcotics Officers in March of this year. Since the officers assist Susquehanna County and the District Attorney’s office with drug arrests, the Council has asked him to see if funds for this training can be shared by other agencies. A determination will be made at the March meeting.

Montrose Borough Mayor John Wilson requested that the street department look into a home drain system that causes water build up and icy conditions on Chenango Street. Ken DiPhillips is to check on that situation.

The Women’s Resource Center would like to provide flags for lamp posts in town as a way to raise awareness in April –which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Cynthia Goodman, of WRC, received permission from council to display the flags on the lamp posts. The street department will provide assistance.

Borough Solicitor Marion O’Malley will act as the borough representative to the New Milford meeting on gas royalties.

Council approved the United Fire Company officers as submitted.

Dorothy Thomas was nominated and approved by council to chair the Vacancy board.

Proposals for the Borough Insurance Policy due to be renewed March 1 were presented by DGK, the agency currently providing insurance services for the borough, and The Kilmer Group. Both agencies recommended the borough continue to be insured through EMC. At this time, council has elected to continue with DGK for the coming year.

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