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Amber Smith, who flew Kiowa helicopters in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has written a just-released book by Simon and Schuster, Danger Close. Amber is coming to Montrose on Wednesday, October 12 to speak and sign copies of her new book at the VFW beginning at 7 p.m.
Sponsored by the Montrose Area Adult School, this event will additionally raise money for Operation 300, a summer camp for children of fallen soldiers in Florida.
Operation 300 is a charity founded by Karen Vaughn whose son, a Navy Seal, was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, leaving behind a wife and two young children. Karen wanted to provide experiences for kids that primarily they would only get to do with their dads.
The camp hosts groups several times during the year bringing in special operators to teach kids jet skiing, fishing, camping, sailing and other outdoor sports which you can view on its website, www.operation
One of the few women to pilot the Kiowa Warrior helicopter, Amber flew into enemy fire in some of the most dangerous combat zones in the world. The Kiowas’ mission, armed reconnaissance, requires pilots to stay low and fly fast in support of ground troops, so the helicopters are perilously close to, and in, the fight.
danger-closeSome of the reviewer’s comments provide highlights of the book. “Danger Close is absolutely fantastic. This is one of the most exciting and inspirational books I have read in years! Men and women alike will love this incredible tale of heroism, humility and high-octane feats of bravery. Danger Close is the real deal!” Brad Thor, author of Foreign Agent.
“Danger Close is a riveting and intensely personal account of a woman who spent nearly a third of her life at war. Amber Smith goes beyond detailing the experience of women in the military and takes the reader into the cockpit with her to explore the vivid and harrowing world of being a combat helicopter pilot. Amber is one hell of a soldier and an American hero on every level”. Sean, Parness, author of Outlaw Platoon.
“Danger Close is a fantastic view into the world of combat helicopter pilots as seen through the eyes of a successful and proven U.S. Army female combat helicopter pilot. An exciting ride through training and combat operations, it gives tremendous insight into the sacrifice our American men and women make every day for freedom across the globe. More important, Amber sets the example for all young women who aspire to serve in our nation’s armed forces”. Lt. Jason Redman, retired Navy Seal and author of The Trident.
To say that Smith comes from a military family is an understatement. Her great-grandfather was in World War I, her grandfather served in World War II and her father was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. Both of her parents were pilots and her two sisters are military pilots as well.
Smith frequently appears on national TV and radio networks, analyzing national security, military operations and foreign policy; she is a devoted advocate of veterans’ affairs and a personal friend of her ‘favorite veteran’, Senator Bob Dole.
You can pre-register for this event through the Adult School (#149 in fall catalogue) or pay the $5 fee at the Montrose VFW on October 12 at 7 p.m.

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