Tyler Corners meets with DEP

The development group that has expressed interest in building an industrial waste incineration facility to New Milford Township has met with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
Throughout the summer months, the proposed incinerator has generated attention from the public in county and municipal meetings.
According to a release issued on Sept. 20, Tyler Corners Group met with DEP on Sept. 14 as a first step toward building a facility in Susquehanna County on a 114-acre site.
Over the past several months, local officials have been questioned about the types of waste the proposed incinerator would be handling.
In their statement on the meeting with DEP, Tyler Corners officials said: “Tyler Corners made it clear to the DEP that the facility will not accept for treatment; PADEP Designated Infectious Waste (RMW), non-RCRA Chemotherapeutic Waste, Biosolids, TENORM or Regulated Radioactive Waste, Munitions, and Dioxin Containing Wastes.”
The group also stated that incineration facilities must meet stringent federal regulations and that they were committed to “meeting or exceeding these strict regulatory requirements.”
Concept development and the application process is expected to take many months, with the DEP permitting process requiring public meetings and hearings.
According to the release, Tyler Corners expects the incineration facility to be one of the top employers and one of the larges tax-paying companies in the county.
“Tyler Corners Industrial Park will create numerous construction-related jobs, and, because the plant will be a headquarters facility, permanent job opportunities will include engineering, technical, accounting, information technology, security, sales and administrative positions in addition to many other plant operation occupations. Local hiring, promoting from within and developing local vendor relationships will be a priority for Tyler Corners,” the statement reads.

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