BR Board donations to booster clubs questioned

After approving a $100 donation to the Wrestling Booster Club at the November meeting, the Blue Ridge school board received a similar donation request at the Nov. 29 meeting from the Blue Ridge Girls Basketball Booster Club.
Board member Chris Whitney said she was not at the November meeting and said she would not have supported the wrestling booster request, saying it was a “Pandora’s Box.”
Whitney pointed out that booster clubs provide supplemental funds to groups that is in addition to the monies already provided for the activities by the district.
Board member Harold Empett noted that in the past, the board had authorized donations only to youth sports and activities that were not affiliated with the school.
“Donating to booster clubs is a bad idea,” Whitney remarked.
Board member Chris Cosmello said that the board “did it once,” thereby setting a precedent and added that the girls’ basketball booster club supported the team’s Coaches vs. Cancer efforts and basketball camps, as well as other activities.
The donation was approved by the board, with Whitney casting the lone dissenting vote.
In the work session, board member Edward Arnold said the district had received the Pennsylvania State Police security recommendations for the district.
Arnold said some of the recommendations would have no cost to implement, while other projects – like a main lobby renovation – would have a considerable cost attached to it.

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