Elk Lake board reorganizes

The Elk Lake School Board conducted its annual reorganization meeting on Tuesday, Dec.6, and elected a new board president.
For the election of officers, the board followed the procedure adopted in March advanced by board member Arden Tewksbury (who served as president since last December) which stipulated that the means of election of board president and vice president would change, and that these two positions would rotate so that all of the school board directors would have an opportunity for board presidency and vice presidency.
The new school board president will be Eric Emmerich of Springville.
The plan adopted in March specified that the school board directors would be chosen for these positions by the voting ward they represent, in alphabetical order. The two members from Auburn Township would have the first turn of being president and vice president, then Dimock Township, and so on. This election method reinstates a district practice from about two decades ago.
Following the procedure, the first board member to be nominated for president was Abigail R. Jones of Auburn Township. Jones took office in December 2015. She refused the nomination.
Next was John Pierson of Auburn Township, who also declined.
As these were the two newest members of the board, it was not surprising, said Anne Teel, who served as president prior to Arden Tewksbury taking the position last year. Next, Donica McGee was nominated for school board president, but she regretfully declined, citing professional responsibilities which would not allow her enough time to do the position justice.
The next school board member nominated for president was Eric Emmerich, who accepted. Chuck Place was nominated for vice president, and he also accepted. Emmerich has served on Elk Lake’s school board for more than 20 years, and has served as president before, said Teel.
The board members thanked Tewksbury for his service as president in the past year. Tewksbury is the longest serving school board member in the state of Pennsylvania. Emmerich was also thanked for agreeing to serve as board president.
When the new policy for the election of school board president and vice president was adopted, it was determined that the current president would also serve as the school board’s representative to the Pennsylvania School Board Association.
“Eric has been very active in PSBA and has often been the board’s representative there, and also represents us with the NEIU,” Teel said.
In other business:
*The board approved a request to post a temporary full-time One-on-One associate position.
*The board accepted a $300 donation for the school’s archery program from the Williams Field Services Group LLC. Another donation was received from Meshoppen Rod and Gun Club, also for the archery program, for $100.
*The board approved the following support staff substitutes: John
Gazzillo: CDL Driver; * Christopher Fedor: Security/Maintenance; and
Andy Shuren: Non CDL Driver.
*A contract with School Datebooks was approved, at a total cost of $51,261.57.
*During the treasurer’s report, it was noted that the Cabot Oil & Gas royalty payment for the month of December was for $6,712.70. Royalties received for the past 12 months totaled $43,182.33.
*A calendar for school board meetings for 2017 was approved, and is available on the school website under Board Docs.
*During the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center meeting, the board accepted supplemental equipment grants, and authorized bids to be posted for supplemental equipment for the career center.
*Transportation contracts were approved for a list of contractors.
*Bills for the student-built house project were approved for the furnace and various stains and finishes, totaling $802.61.

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