Street lights to be installed near EMHS

Bridgewater Township supervisors agreed Monday night, Oct. 1, to provide street lights for the Endless Mountains Health Systems, responding to a request. The intersection of Hospital Drive and SR 706 is dark for motorists heading into the parking lot or pulling out onto the highway, and could be a safety issue.
Supervisor Kirk Heffner said that he would go and measure at the site. Supervisors believe there is a transformer at the end of the driveway, and the township will pay for two or three street lights out of Act 13 funds.
Youngs Road will be closed from SR 3001 to Lutz Road, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 3 and 4, for spreading oil and chip, on road surfaces. Cabot Oil & Gas is paying for the reclamation work there, and the supervisors said that there is not much of a cap on the concrete road.
“Once the rig moves out, we’ll do a double pass (with oil and chip application),” Supervisor Charles Mead said.
An ordinance was approved during the meeting, amending Ordinance 11/01, International Property Maintenance Code.
A Lake Raylean resident called the township about water running into her driveway. Township personnel had previously tried to set up a date to check on the situation, but the resident was not home at that time.
A PSATS Regional Fall Forum will be held in Wellsboro on Oct. 30 and 31, limited to 100 persons. Heffner will represent the township at the forum.
A new Emergency Management Coordinators Handbook arrived in the mail. John Lasher is the township Emergency Management Coordinator.
At the Sept. 18 meeting, quotes for snow removal were opened. Mead motioned to accept the Holbrook quote for winter maintenance on Hospital Drive.
The supervisors reported that the Codes Enforcement Officer is sending a letter to Montrose Terrace Park’s attorney stating that Bridgewater Township will be enforcing the ordinance violations.

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