PAWC issues voluntary conservation notice in Susquehanna, Hallstead service areas

Due to below-normal rainfall over the past several months, Pennsylvania American Water is asking customers in its Susquehanna/Hallstead service area to voluntarily reduce water usage in accordance with the company’s drought contingency plan.
“Water levels have been decreasing gradually over the last few months,” said Don Kessler, senior manager of Field Operations, Pennsylvania American Water. To avoid a more serious situation if the dry weather continues, the company is asking its customers in Hallstead and the surrounding communities to voluntarily reduce the non-essential usage of water.
This notice applies only to Pennsylvania American Water customers in the following areas: Hallstead; Susquehanna; Great Bend; Lanesboro; Great Bend Township; Oakland Township.
“Simple reductions in water usage now by customers can make a big difference,” said Kessler. The following non-essential uses should be eliminated:
*Watering of lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, or any other type of plants except by hand-held hose or container;
*Water use for the purpose of washing any paved surface area, including washing streets, garages, sidewalks, driveways, etc.;
*Watering any portion of golf courses, other than tees and greens;
*Water use for ornamental purposes, such as fountains, waterfall, etc.;
*Water use for cleaning of any type of motor vehicle;
*Serving of water in clubs or restaurants or any other public eating places, unless requested by customer;
*Water use for flushing of sewers, except as deemed necessary in the interest of public health and safety;
*Use of fire hydrants for any purpose other than fighting fires. This includes fire practice drills by all fire departments.
Pennsylvania American Water also offered these simple tips to use water wisely:
Inside the house:
*Install water-saving showerheads and faucet aerators in your sinks;
*Shorten showers to 7-10 minutes;
*Temperature settings of hot water for showers should be set down at least 10 degrees to discourage lengthy shower taking;
*Turn off the water while soaping, brushing teeth, etc.
*Run only full loads in your dishwasher, or wash dishes by hand;
Rinse produce in a basin rather than under running water;
*Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the size of your load;
Locate and repair all leaks in faucets, toilets, and water-using appliances;
*Reduce the number of toilet flushes per day. Each flush uses about 5 gallons.
*Keep bottle of chilled drinking water in refrigerator.
Outside your house:
*Use a broom, not a hose, for cleaning patios, sidewalks and driveways;
*Cover your pool or spa to reduce evaporation;
*Use a mulching mower to slow evaporation from the soil’s surface;
*Water your lawn and plants only when needed;
*Plant appropriately for your local climate;
*Use a spray nozzle with a shut-off valve on your hose.
The voluntary water conservation request will remain in effect until further notice.
Pennsylvania American Water will provide updates as necessary.

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