One for the record books

Ricardo Hernandez, of Clifford, recently set an International Breaking Federation sanctioned “World Record” for age 12 by breaking seven, 2″x8″x16″ standard concrete patio blocks with a stomp technique. Hernandez is a Mt. View 7th grader, and a yellow belt in Chinese Kempo. He trains at Tiger Kai Karate in Blakeley under the direction of 10th Dan Soke Grandmaster Paul Hickey (pictured).

From self-defense to a world record.

That’s how Mountain View seventh-grader and Clifford Township resident Ricardo Hernandez explains what put him in the record books.

Hernandez recently set an International Breaking Federation (IBF) world record for age 12 when he broke seven 2-inch by 8-inch by 16-inch standard concrete patio blocks with a stomp technique.

He became in involved in karate over 18 months ago and is a yellow belt in Chinese Kempo. He trains at Tiger Kai Karate in the Spectrum Gym in Blakely under the tutelage of Paul Hickey. Hickey is the State Director and Vice President of the IBF.

Hernandez became involved in karate to defend himself.

“I got into karate when a friend of mine turned on me and started acting weird,” said Hernandez.  “So, I decided to take self-defense.”

Hickey started training Hernandez in different stomp techniques after assessing that Hernandez has a lot of natural ability.

“Stomping is based a lot on power and speed,” said Hickey. “He has a large bone structure and good twitch muscles.”

After learning the techniques and advancing in his skills, Hernandez started training for the record with five blocks.

Even with Hernandez’s natural ability Hickey was surprised that Ricardo was able to set the record on his first try.

“He has phenomenal power, but I didn’t think he’d get in his first try,” Hickey said.

With his credentials, Hickey is allowed to sanction events. He got the blocks and went through the channels to get Hernandez’s attempt sanctioned through the IBF.

While he has set a record for 12-year olds, Hickey doesn’t believe his pupil is done yet.

“With his attitude and ability to listen and be coachable, I believe he can set more records,” gushed Hickey, who himself holds several breaking records in different categories.

Ricardo is the son of Apolinar and Lynn Hernandez. He resides in Clifford Township along with his younger brother, Efrain. Hernandez also participates in baseball, basketball, and soccer at Mountain View.

“It’s really neat thing to do, and I want to accomplish more,” added Hernandez.

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