‘No More Homework’ hits Elk Lake stage this weekend

What would happen if everyone running a high school main office took the day off and left the students in charge?

That is the premise of “No More Homework,” by John Henderson which comes to the stage this weekend with the Elk Lake Drama Club.

Director Ina Bradish said she chose the play because it had characters that matched up well with her potential cast members – and for its silly, complicated script that anyone who has been a high school student will find hilarious.

It’s April, and students everywhere have tired of doing homework. They wish it could be prohibited. But the daily routine of running a school follows prescribed patterns including the assigning of after-school tasks and other drudgeries. The principal (Colin Schake), secretary (Rachel Farnelli), and vice principal all insist on taking the day off and each one tasks a student council officer of the corresponding rank to take their place.

Pamela Jones (Dana Nunemacher) is asked to fill in as principal despite her stressful academic and extracurricular responsibilities.

Students who frequently find themselves high school office are now doling out consequences, or having the opportunity to lift sanctions imposed by the administration. Buzz Bailey (Max Woodhead), a star athlete and the vice principal of student council, is set up as the acting vice principal. He has been taken off the basketball team for his slacker attitude. Coach Guthrie (Mitchell Delano) tries to maneuver for Buzz to rejoin his basketball team.

Faculty members including Miss Goodin (Hannah Decker), Miss Ogilvie (Ace Thomas), Mr. Harper (Doug Priestner), and Mrs. Clendenning (Jaclyn Gesford) find it highly suspicious that students have been left in charge.

Josey Sobeck, Sam Andrejack, Tadzi Trowbridge, and Caitlyn Brown are high school students adding to the mayhem.

Gabe Edwards, Rachel Farnelli, Delany Shingler, and Victoria Reising are maintenance staff members handling the problematic building and grounds.

“No More Homework” will be performed Friday and Saturday, April 5-6, at 7 p.m., in the Elk Lake High School auditorium. Tickets are $3 and may be purchased at the door.

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