Records board questions lack of R/R office deposits

The Susquehanna County Courthouse was built in the Greek Revival style – one of the architectural styles prominent in the Montrose Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

The county’s Records Improvement Board requested that Register/Recorder Michelle Estabrook provide them with information about why no deposits had been made by the office to the County Records Improvement Fund this year.

“To date, no deposits for 2022 have been recorded to this account,” read the letter dated May 26 from Chief Clerk Rebekah Hubbard to Estabrook. At a meeting of the board held on May 25, Hubbard was asked to draft the letter.

The Independent received copies of the correspondence after filing a Right to Know request with the county.

In the letter, Estabrook was also asked that her office have representation at future meetings of the Records Improvement Board.

Estabrook responded with a letter dated June 2. In the response, she said the Records Improvement Fund money would be delivered to the treasurer’s office on June 3 but gave no reason for the delay in the deposits.

Hubbard responded: “… the Board would like additional explanation for the length of time without deposits. Please respond with an explanation for the lack of record keeping for this account.”

Estabrook also inquired about what the board’s bylaw state regarding representation by someone other than the office holder, and said she was not available to attend the May 25 meeting, nor was the first deputy.

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