Man accused of exposing himself to school students

A Silver Lake Township man is accused of lewd behavior after he allegedly exposed himself to students while they waited at a school bus stop.

Alan Lewis, 61, was charged with multiple felony counts of corruption of minors, as well as misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, obscene performance and open lewdness. Charges were filed in Montrose District Court. A preliminary hearing in front of Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Hollister is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 17.

According to the affidavit filed by Pennsylvania State Trooper Joshua Oliver, a student on a school bus reported that they noticed a naked man standing in his doorway and peering at children waiting for a separate bus.

The 16-year-old student witness told police that it was a usual occurrence for the man to stand in the doorway and inappropriately touch himself while looking at children at the bus stop.

The student told investigators that it had been happening since the beginning of this school year, and definitely stated that it was witnessed on Sept. 27.

The student recorded the occurrence with her phone and told police she could provide the evidence to law enforcement.

Police interviewed Lewis at his home on Sept. 29, and explained that a complaint had been made and the reason for the complaint. According to the affidavit, Tpr. Oliver specifically asked Lewis if he stands naked in his front doorway, visible to the road and where his neighbors get on the school bus.

Lewis told police that he stood in the doorway, wearing his underwear, on one occasion.

According to the affidavit, Tpr. Oliver related that it had been reported three days in a row.

According to the affidavit, a neighbor was interviewed who reported that she had witnessed inappropriate behavior by Lewis since last school year, and that it has progressively worsened to the point where he would only be wearing socks. She told police that she was afraid to report the incidents because he is a neighbor and didn’t want to encourage inappropriate behavior even though it was escalating on its own. Investigators also interviewed student witnesses.

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