GOP carries county but Dems win state

Unofficial election returns were posted on the screen at the Susquehanna County tabulation center on Tuesday, Nov. 8, as votes from the 41 precincts were tabulated. Counting of the unofficial returns on election night ended at about 11 p.m. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSON

Nearly 65 percent of Susquehanna County’s registered voters turned out for the Tuesday, Nov. 8, General Election, according to the county’s unofficial election results.

A United States Senate seat and the Governor’s race topped the ballot. The election was also the first following redistricting, which changed the US Congressional district and moved all of Susquehanna County into the PA Senate’s 20th District and the PA House 111th.

The county’s Returns Board convened Friday, Nov. 11, to be sworn in and reconvened on Monday.

Susquehanna County Director of Elections Macy Rudock said election day ran smoothly in the county. “We work hard to make sure there are no issues,” she said.

Despite strong numbers from voters for Republican candidates on the ballot, the New York Times tracked the shift in margins from the 2020 presidential vote. In the US Senate race, Susquehanna County voted 4.9 points more Democratic than in 2020. And in the Governor’s race, county voters shifted 10 points more Democratic than in 2020.  

US Senate

County voters posted strong numbers for Republican US Senate candidate Mehmet Oz (11,472) to the Democratic nominee, incumbent Lt. Governor John Fetterman (5,208).

But statewide, the race was called for Fetterman in the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 9, with the democrat securing 51 percent of the vote to Oz’s 46.6 percent.

Governor’s Race

The party-line held in the county down to the gubernatorial race, with Republican nominee and State Senator Doug Mastriano collecting 11,112 votes to current PA Attorney General and Democratic candidate John Shapiro’s 5,726.

Statewide, Shapiro garnered 56.3 percent of the vote to take the win over Mastriano’s 41.9 percent.

Mastriano officially conceded the election on Monday, Nov. 14.

US House District 9

Incumbent Republican Congressman Dan Meuser won re-election securing over 207,903 votes in the district to Democratic challenger Amanda Waldman’s 91, 902.

In Susquehanna County, Meuser received 12,234 of that vote total, while Waldman garnered 4,807 votes.

This will be the first term Meuser will serve as the representative for Susquehanna County. With Pennsylvania losing a congressional seat following the 2020 census which impacted current GOP Congressman Fred Keller and Meuser’s districts, Keller opted to not seek re-election to the US House.

PA Senate 20th

Republican, incumbent PA Senator Lisa Baker secured 12,368 Susquehanna County votes in the newly drawn PA 20th District, which now includes all of the county.

Prior to the redistricting, the county was split between the 20th and 23rd PA Senatorial districts.

District-wide Lisa Baker received 68 percent of the vote to Democratic challenger’s Jackie Baker’s 32 percent. In Susquehanna County, Jackie Baker received 4,823 votes.

PA House 111th

Jonathan Fritz, Republican incumbent, ran unopposed in his re-election bid to the 111th PA House seat. With redistricting, the 111th district now encompasses all of Susquehanna County.

In the county, 14,554 ballots were cast for Fritz.

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