Susquehanna board passes professional dress code

Susquehanna Community school board last Wednesday approved a memorandum of understanding between the district and Susquehanna Community Education Association related to a Professional Educator Dress Code.

According to superintendent Bronson Stone, the district did not have a formal dress code, and what was generated was a collaborative effort of the union and administration.
The code establishes what is acceptable dress during regular teaching days when students are present as well as what’s appropriate dress during in-service days.
For example, Stone said that when involved in a teaching situation, jeans are not appropriate dress and if a teacher is wearing a Polo shirt it should be tucked in at all times.
He said the issue is that professional staff act and look like the professionals they were hired to be, and the bottom line was to attempt to codify guidelines for professional dress.
A student dress code has been in place for several years and it was recently revised to make flip-flops unacceptable footwear for everyone, including professionals.
In other board action, resignations accepted at the June 16 meeting were from golf coach Brent Soden and high school science teacher Tracy Bergen.
The board filled the following summer school positions: Behind the Wheel teacher, Thomas Adornato; elementary teachers, Dori Sababtelli and Susan Dooner; extended school year teacher, Amy Yanick; elementary substitutes, Bridgette Stone and Richard Emmons.
Jocelyn Grossman will fill a high school Health and Physical Education teacher position; Rebecca Stalker was hired as an elementary K-4 teacher; Susan Dooner, elementary teacher (one year only); John Seigle as Fall Drama Director; Kristin Stanford, yearbook adviser and Carl Zukus as varsity assistant football coach. Cecilia Wayman was added to the food service substitute list.

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