Marino gets Susquehanna Co. Republican support


Candidate Tom Marino was endorsed Thursday for the 10th District seat in Congress by prominent Susquehanna County Republicans practically in his  incumbent opponent’s backyard.

Many of the 20 or so who gathered on the Green in Montrose came to hear why Marino believed U.S. Rep. Chris Carney of Dimock needed to be replaced.

Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg said he was supporting Marino, who once was a DA in Lycoming County, because “his career is an exemplary example of how to serve the people.”

He added, “We need someone who is going to listen to us in northeastern PA. We are in dire straits financially, and Chris Carney has done nothing but contribute to the situation.”

County commissioner Michael Giangrieco noted, “Tom is not a career politician. He worked in a bakery supporting his family for years before deciding to go to college, and then law school. He then served as U.S. attorney.”

Montrose Mayor John Wilson also endorsed Marino, and urged voters in Susquehanna County to vote for him.

Marino spoke to the small crowd outdoors on a chilly overcast afternoon pledging a common sense approach to represent the district.”

“The key is not handing money to big businesses and banks,” Marino said, “but to bring common sense to the situation, create jobs, and put money into the pockets of the working people.”

Bridgewater Township  resident John Benio, a Democrat, was persistent in questioning Marino about Social Security.

Marino maintained that Social Security needs to be fixed and preserved as it is today.

“What do you think of privatization of Social Security?” Benio questioned.

Marino said that he is against any privatization, cuts or downsizing of  Social Security. “We need to preserve it so that people paying into Social Security now and in the future will get benefits.”

He arranged to further discuss this issue with Benio after the press conference.

About gas well drilling in Susquehanna County, Marino said, “I think that it is a tremendous asset to us, but that we have to be smart and environmentally safe.”

He added, “We must anticipate the potential ramifications. We put a man on the moon; we can drill for natural gas safely.”

Marino said, however, that if gas drilling damages a homeowner’s water supply, the activity should be halted. “Those people must be made whole again,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to numerous people on both sides.  I’m out in the country on a well, and I don’t want anyone messing with my water supply. If my well goes, there goes my real estate,” he said.

When asked what would be the biggest difference citizens would see if he were elected to Congress instead of the incumbent, Marino said, “I was born and raised in Northeast PA, and I have a strong work ethic…I would be available to the people, to listen to and represent their values.”

Prominent Susquehanna County Republicans gather behind Congressional candidate Tom Marino Thursday in Montrose. From left are Coroner Tony Conarton, Sheriff Lance Benedict, Montrose Mayor John WIlson, Marino, Commissioner Michael Giangrieco, Treasurer Cathy Benedict, Register/Recorder Mary Evans, and District Attorney Jason Legg.

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