GOP sweep county



More than half of Susquehanna County’s voters went to the polls Tuesday and followed a Republican landslide, except in the state legislative race in the 114th District.

Some 14,200 ballots were cast out of 25,438 registered voters for a 55.82 percent voter turnout.

For U.S. Senate, Pat Toomey (R) garnered 9,114 voters or 65.085% to Joe Sestak (D) with 4,850 or 34.63%.

For Governor/Lt.Governor, Tom Corbett/Jim Cawley (R) got 9,582 votes or 68.27% to Dan Onorato/Scott Conklin (D) with 4,386 or 31.25%.

For U.S. Congress, Thomas Marino (R) got 7,958 votes or 56.77% to Dimock resident Christopher Carney (D) with 6,024 or 42.97%.


Carney was able to carry his home township of Dimock by three votes and also took a majority of the votes at Brooklyn, Dimock, Forest City ward 1, Great Bend boro, Hop Bottom, Lanesboro, Lathrop, Rush, Springville and Susquehanna.

For State Senate, 20th District, Lisa Baker (R) got 4,663 votes or 97.72%.

For State Representative, 110th District, Tina Pickett (R) got 2,154 votes or 96.85%/

For State Representative, 111th District, Sandra Major (R) got 8,305 votes or 74.98% to Jim Knapp (D) with 2,186 votes or 19.73% to Jay Sweeney (G) with 555 votes or 5.01%.

For State Representative, 114th District, Daniel Naylor (R) got 198 votes or 45.41% to Sid Michaels Kavulich (D) with 237 votes or 54.36%.

Kavulich will replace Rep. Jim Wansacz who gave up his legislative seat to seek a Senate one, but was defeated in that bid in the primary.

For State Representative, 117th District, Karen Boback (R) got 2,064 votes or 82.20% to Richard Shermanski (D) with 440 votes or 17.52%.

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