Raiders top Eagles, Chiefs

The Blue Ridge Raider boys’ basketball team defeated Mountain View 69-38 at home on Friday night and picked up a 69-64 win over Lakeland on the road in overtime on Tuesday night.

Facing Mountain View, the Raiders paced the Eagles 24-4 in the first quarter and then went 21-7 over the Eagles in the second to hold a 45-11 lead at halftime.

In the third quarter, Blue Ridge outscored Mountain View 18-15, and despite a 12-6 run by the Eagles in the fourth, the Raiders took the win.

Sawyer Dearborn scored a game-high 20 points and Jesse Pruitt added 15 to pace Blue Ridge. Dylan Pruitt posted 14 points and seven rebounds and Alex Cardoza had a double-double with 11 points and 13 assists.

As a team, Blue Ridge recorded 16 steals in the victory.

Chris Herman paced Mountain View with 11 points while Julian Williams had eight points.  

On Tuesday, the Raiders got off to an early lead going 13-10 over the Chiefs in the first and paced Lakeland 15-9 in the second to hold a 28-19 lead at halftime.

After the break, Lakeland battled back to outscore the Raiders 15-13 in the third and 26-20 in the fourth to send the game into overtime.

The Raiders then posted an 8-3 run over Lakeland to take the victory.

Pruitt scored 18 points to lead Blue Ridge while Cardoza dropped in 16, Dearborn had 13 and Matt Principe had 12 for the Raiders.


The Montrose Area boys’ basketball team faced a 71-67 loss from Mid Valley on the road Saturday after it picked up a 60-31 victory over Forest City at home on Friday and handed Mountain View a 67-33 loss on the road on Tuesday night.

Against Mid Valley, the Meteors and Spartans each scored 21 in the first quarter before Mid Valley outscored the Meteors 14-10 in the second to hold a 35-31 lead at the half.

After halftime, Montrose was paced 17-14 by the Spartans in the third and despite a 22-19 run for the Meteors in the fourth, they took the loss.

Colby Major led the Meteors with 19 points while Cole Wheaton added 15.

On Friday, Montrose paced Forest City 17-7 in the first quarter, and after being outscored 12-10 in the second held a 27-19 lead at the half.

In the third quarter, Montrose went 18-9 over Forest City and capped off the win with a 15-3 run in the fourth.

Montrose was led by Tom Lewis with 11 points and Steve Squires with 10 while Bill Stranburg and Major each had nine points.

David Cavaleri paced Forest City with nine while Joe Caruso chipped in eight points.

Against Mountain View, the Meteors paced the Eagles 17-8 in the first quarter, and 15-5 in the second to hold a 32-13 lead by halftime.

After the break, the Meteors went on to outscore Mountain View 20-11 in the third and then capped off the win with a 15-9 run in the fourth.

The Meteors were led by Wheaton with 17 points while Major and Squires each chipped in 10 for Montrose.

Mountain View was paced by Julian Williams with 12 points while Karch Frantz had seven points and Chris Herman had six.

Forest City

Forest City’s boys’ basketball team was handed a 55-39 loss from Lackawanna Trail at home on Tuesday evening.

In the first quarter, Trail got ahead going 15-4 over the Foresters and held a 31-13 lead at the half after facing Forest City 16-9 in the second.

After halftime, The Lions continued to lead the way with a 13-12 run in the third, and despite the Foresters outscoring Trail 14-11 in the fourth, the Lions took the win.

Forest City was led by Joe Caruso with 14 points while Zack Medoza had six and Adam Dix and Vince DeLucy each had five points.

Elk Lake’s Joe Woolcock brings the ball down court as he’s defended by Susquehanna’s Cole Maller during the Warriors’ 54-42 victory over the Sabers on Tuesday night. PHOTO COURTESY OF KRIS MORAHAN



Elk Lake’s Warriors faced a 58-48 loss from Lackawanna Trail on the road Friday after the team grabbed a 54-42 victory on Tuesday night over the Susquehanna Sabers at home.

On Friday, Trail paced the Warriors 17-16 in the first quarter and 14-8 in the second to hold a 31-24 lead at halftime.

After the break, each team scored 11 in the third quarter before the Lions would finish off Elk Lake going 16-13 in the final minutes.

Mark Bush scored 20 points for Elk Lake, while Rob Heft had 11 and Matt Cuomo chipped in nine.

On Tuesday in the first quarter, Elk Lake got on the board going 13-9 over Susquehanna and after the Sabers outscored the Warriors in the second Elk Lake had a 28-26 lead at halftime.

In the second half, the Warriors paced the Sabers 19-9 in the third quarter, and after both teams scored nine in the fourth, Elk Lake picked up the win.

The Warriors were led by Joe Woolcock and Bryan Grosvenor who each dropped in 11 while Mark Bush added nine.

Susquehanna was led by Cole Mallery with 18 points and Andrzej Tomczyk added 11 for the Sabers.


The Susquehanna Saber boys’ basketball team was handed a 78-60 loss from Lakeland in a home game on Friday night.

The Chiefs outscored the Sabers 15-9 in the first quarter and 21-15 in the second to hold a 36-24 lead at halftime.

After the break, the Chiefs paced Susquehanna 21-15 in the third and after both teams scored 21 in the fourth, Lakeland took the win.

Susquehanna was led by a career-high 29 points for Andrzej Tomczyk while Cole Mallory contributed 23 points.

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