Susquehanna hires designer for downtown revamp

Susquehanna Borough Council is moving forward with plans to revitalize the downtown.
Council approved, at the Wednesday, Feb. 8 meeting, the hiring of a designer to create a conceptual drawing of potential improvements in the borough’s business district.
The borough is looking to form a small committee to work with the designer in developing the conceptual plan, with several community members already stepping up to volunteer their help with the project.
The borough allocated $8,500 for the design work, which includes help with finding various grant programs that could offset project costs.
Councilman Roy Williams said he believed it was a necessary step to take to improve the downtown.
Borough secretary Margaret Biegert told council members that this would be an investment over multiple years.
Councilman Dana Rockwell said he not only liked the development of the plan, but also that the contract calls for help with grants.
“We do not just want a big, glossy 30×40 (picture). We need a plan to make it a reality.”
The demolition of the Haynes Building on Main Street is getting some notice from the public.
American Legion Post 86 approached the borough council in January, noting their wish to purchase the property.
At the February meeting, council was notified that another person was interested in purchasing the property.
Council approved the spending of $300 to have a real estate appraisal done on the property. If the appraised value of the property is $1,500 or above, the potential sale of the property must go out to bid.
Any council members involved in organizations interested in purchasing the property would be kept out of the appraisal process.
In the Codes report, Williams said rental ordinance applications are due back to the borough by April 30. Inspections will take place by July.
Williams also said the condemnations of properties in the borough came from a combined effort with utilities and the codes program.
“We will rid the borough of unsightly rentals,” he said, noting there are about five or six landlords that own multiple properties that need to come into compliance.
Councilman John Henderson asked that the borough explore the purchase of auxiliary power units for the borough offices and the garage, preferably one that could be hooked up to the current fuel supply.
On Feb. 2, council held a meeting to review portions of the borough’s zoning ordinance.
Susquehanna Borough Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month, 6 p.m., in the borough building located on Erie Ave., Susquehanna.

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