SC board looks at state proposals

Susquehanna Community School District is looking at a projected increase of $69,000 for basic education from the state in the coming budget year.

But that amount does not even cover half of the increase of the district’s projected contribution for pension costs, Superintendent Bronson Stone said at the Wednesday, Feb. 15 board meeting.

He also alerted board members about proposals in the state government to reduce the reimbursements for transportation and require those contracts be bid out; and Senate Bill 76 which would eliminate property taxes in the state and replace them with a higher sales tax and more items taxes, as well as an increase in personal income taxes.

Stone noted a large number of non-resident, property owners in the Susquehanna Community school district and, if passed, funding increases would only come through sales tax.

The superintendent also said the Senate bill would allow for districts to keep a property tax to pay off debt but said Susquehanna was one of the very few districts in the state that was debt-free.

The board approved Sideline Concussion Protocols created specifically for use on the sidelines during sports’ practices and games.

Coaches will be trained in using sideline assessment tools and how to respond to a suspected concussion. Local health care organizations have all been contacted about the district’s desire to have a health care professional at all home athletic events beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

Stone said the focus of the district is on the safety of the players.

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