Hearing needed on possible New Milford PnP beer sales

The Pump N Pantry is looking to sell beer at its New Milford store, according to a letter received by the borough council and discussed at the Thursday, July 6 council meeting.
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is allowing for a transfer of a liquor license, from Forest City to New Milford, but the borough must first hold a public hearing.
Currently, three establishments hold state liquor licenses, Green Gables, Queen of Hearts and the Parkview Hotel.
Council members had questions about how store security would be handled with the beer sales, and how any noise concerns would be handled.
The dirt and grave, low-volume road project on Peck Hill is complete and the borough is still waiting for the finalized engineering plan for the CDBG drainage project on the paved portion of the street before that part can go out to bid.
Chuck Lempke has volunteered to make two new lifeguard chairs. Council approved the expenditure of $250 to purchase lumber for the first chair build. Some of the lumber will be able to be used for the second chair and lower the cost of that.
A beaver dam is causing issues in the wetlands area behind the former roller skating rink on Route 11. Property owners and those leasing the property will be contacted as council looks to address the issue in order to alleviate potential flooding hazards.

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