Blue Ridge celebrates summer readers

Blue Ridge 5th grader Madison Soden was met with applause and confetti at the Summer Reading assemble. She logged 78 hours of summer reading – the most hours read of all the elementary students.

Blue Ridge Elementary School encourages students to read over

Blue Ridge Elementary 2019 Top Readers at each grade level, reading the most books or the most hours, seated: Braydon Slater (2nd grade, 41 hours), Delilah Frantz (Kindergarten, 205 books), Troy Burchell (1st grade, 42 hours). Standing: Abralyn Jones (3rd grade, 41 hours), Ava Ksenich (4th grade, 55 hours), Madison Soden (5th grade, 78 hours). Absent from photo: James Pfamatter (PreK, 205 books).

the summer by giving all students a Summer Reading Log with a goal of how many books or hours to read according to their grade level. 

This year 232 students met their grade level goal and turned in their Summer Reading Logs. Students were awarded with a certificate and recognized on stage at a school wide assembly.

Then the entire elementary school was entertained by musician, Jared Campbell. Jared rocked the Ridge with past songs like “The Superhero Song” and entertained us with new ones like “The Family Song” and “Make History” off his brand new CD. The most exciting part of the assembly was when Jared revealed the custom song he wrote for Blue Ridge Elementary, “Raiders for Life.” We are looking forward to when the song is finalized and recorded with a big band in a studio. Jared pumped us all up with upbeat, encouraging songs that carry excellent messages about good character and being the best you.

Fifth grader Madison Soden, a student in Mrs. Treible’s class, was recognized as reading the most hours out of first through fifth grades. She went well above the goal of 20 hours by reading for 78 hours. Madison was congratulated with giant confetti poppers at the Summer Reading Assembly.

She commented, “I was very surprised and very nervous. It was one of the best moments of my life. I want to thank my family, friends and teachers for inspiring me to accomplish my goals.”

When asked where she likes to read during the summer, Madison said, “I love reading anywhere, but my favorite place to read in the summer is a tire swing in my backyard.”

Her favorite book series this summer was The Land of Stories.

In addition to being an avid reader, Madison enjoys gardening and spending time on her grandparent’s farm as well as taking care of her two dogs, Parker and Hadley, and her cat, Lexi.

Congratulations to all our Summer Readers.


Mrs. Hobbs AM: Bianca Barhight, Keira Drumm, Aubree Hogle, Amaiah Martel, James Pfamatter, Hannah Sheldon, Mark Stone.

Mrs. Hobbs PM: Gannon Bloomer, BrayLynn Butts, Myles Chludzinski, Michelle Panza, Joshua Sheridan, Xavier Thomas

Mrs. Whitehead AM: Jonathan Bailey, Mariah Falkenburg, Noelle Ferro, Adam Halstead, Zane Holofchak, Mia Markarian, Taitum Sienko, Madelyn Smith, Katelin Treible.

Mrs. Whitehead PM: John Dibble, Naomi Reaves, Skylar Sinnett, Grayson Wilcox.


Mrs. Carpenetti: Seth Carlson, Nicholas Folk, Paisley Frailey, Delilah Frantz, Kayla Martinez, Clayton O’Dell, Jacob Page, Joseph Parker, Owen Parks, Cora Sherwood, Mia Vincent, Emma Goff.

Mrs. Farrell: Mckenna Colwell, Gianna Mannina, Lucus Starks.

Mrs. Rhone: Abel Bramley-Simmons, Marissa Button, Chase Colwell, Isaiah Farrell, Molly Gaylord, Finn Gaynor, Bristol Herbert, Carter Jones, Graeson Kanaris, Ryan Kotowski, Brayden Less, Milena Markarian, Viktor Motyka, Jackson Scott, Kendall White, Lincoln Woodruff.

Mrs. Markarian: Elise Burchell, Cole Christ, Anastasia Darrow, Mason Farr, Caleb Ferra, Raegan Hinkley, Chase Kelley, Collin Lindsey, Sydney Rosenkrans, Makenzie Snee, Joseph Tingley, Westin Wiedmaier

First Grade

Mrs. Orner: Mollie Barbour, Troy Burchell, Wyatt Herbert, Chase Jones, Bentley Perrington, Riley Spear, Colton Stone, Quinn Templeton, Jayce Treible, Brock Webster.

Mrs. Paterno: Aria Rudock, Damian Scheuch, Natillie Porter-Johnson, Connor Wright.

Mrs. Piechocki: Hayley Gordon, Keanah Rivera, Emeri Ryan, Raelyn Thomas.

Mrs. Weber: Sylas Bennett, Hadley Hayes, Eric Jones, Gabriella Kraycar, Aaliyah Miller, Mason Hogle, Aurora Sheridan, Carson Wilber.

Second Grade

Mrs. Farrell: Cameron Bajkowski, Mackenzie Brown, Chloe Colwell, Elliott Esposito, Allie Farthing, Payton Kelly, Riley Marvin, Damian Megill, Isibeal Parks, Kaiden Rivera, Leah Vincent, Dallas Wayman.

Mrs. Hepler: David Addiego, Jordan Basa, Cameron Bednarchik, Greyson Drumm, Sawyer Herbert, Charline Hudson, Lilly Orner, Lia Snee, Tyler Soden, Tanner Tierney.

Ms. Kogut: BrookLynn Button Davyn Cramer, Ella Hepler, Christian Osterhout, Carter Piechocki, Tristan Ralston, Blake Slocum, Sarah Stallings, David Stone.

Mrs. Moyer: Aubrey Bailey, Alexandra Barton, Ryder Bradley, Rylee Carrico, Brayden Darrow, Kyle Klock, Braydon Slater, Brennan Woosman.

Third Grade

Mr. Burchell: Sophia Farrell, Samuel Phillips, Carter Sherwood, Chloe Whitmire.

Mrs. Button: Ethan Colwell, Jaxson Decker, Zoey Hayes, Abralyn Jones, Malakai Martel, Taytum Rood, Olivia Ross, Jaylyn Thatcher.

Mr. Dibble: Joseph Allen, Trinity Lord, Rogelio Martinez-Garcia, Camden Spry, Leah Dibble.

Mrs. Watkins: Mason Falkenberg, Hayden Maginley, Jackson Parks, Macie-Layla Perry.

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Hitchcock: Sonja Balsamo, Jacob Brown, Aaron Curry, Xande Leon, Savannah Marriott, Izabella McCrone, Gavin Morris, Elyza Palmer, Aliyah Wiedmaier, Ella Woodruff.

Mrs. Jenkins: Chloe Burchell, Ava Ksenich, Sierra Sparks Mr. Jones – Donovin Baldwin, Alexis Darrow, Noah Heath, Juliette Osterhout, Jayden Snowball, Miles Tench, Kadence Vanteger.

Mr. Woodruff: Joseph Barile, Austin Barton, Christopher Carey, Andrew Jump, Lillian Mannina, Landen Sellitto, Gavin Wilber

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Jones: Zackary Beckner, Gianna Callahan, Esther Davis, Brett Jones, Chelsea Jump, Jacek Motyka, Alyssa Totten, Ethan Wright.

Mrs. Keihl: Ella Bianchi, Madison Dibble, Samantha Griffin, Hospicio Martinez-Garcia, Gage Morris, Paige Orner, Ava Slocum, Liam Templeton, Jackson Treadway.

Mrs. Treible: Lynndee Barbour, Emily Klock, Payton Perrington, Madison Soden.

Mrs. Wolfe: Payton Conlon, Richard Lord, Autumn O’Dell.


Img 8270

Most Hours Read in the School: Fifth grader, Madison Soden, is being congratulated with applause and confetti!

Img 8288

Reading Teacher, Mrs. Roe, with Madison Soden after announcing Madison logged 78 hours of reading over the summer!

Img 8327

Blue Ridge Elementary 2019 Top Readers at Each Grade Level reading the most books or the most hours Sitting: Braydon Slater (2nd grade, 41 hours), Delilah Frantz (Kindergarten, 205 books), Troy Burchell (1st grade, 42 hours) Standing: Abralyn Jones (3rd grade, 41 hours), Ava Ksenich (4th grade, 55 hours), Madison Soden (5th grade, 78 hours) Absent from photo: James Pfamatter (PreK, 205 books)

Img 8175

Second graders lined up on stage waiting to have their names announced. Second grade had 39 students turn in their Summer Reading Log. Out of grades 1st -5th, second grade had the largest number of participants.

Img 8182

2nd Graders Who Read for 30 or More Hours: Braydon Slater, Rylee Carrico, Ryder Bradley, David Addiego, Jordan Basa, Lia Vincent, Riley Marvin, Carter Piechocki, Tristan Ralston, David Stone, Absent: Alexandra Barton, Greyson Drumm

Img 8196

1st Graders Who Read for 30 or More Hours: Sitting: Carson Wilber, Aaliyah Miller, Eric Jones, Sylas Bennett Standing: Riley Spear, Damian Scheuch, Raelyn Thomas, Brock Webster, Gabriella Kraycar

Img 8201

Troy Burchell read for 42 hours, the most hours read in 1st grade.

Img 8215

Kindergarten 100 Club: These students read at least 100 or more books over the summer.

Brayden Less, Carter Jones, Gianna Mannina, Lincoln Woodruff

Img 8220

Kindergarten 200 Club: These students read at least 200 or more books over the summer!

Milena Markarian, Marissa Button, Delilah Frantz

Img 8236

PreK 200 Club: These students had 200 or more books read aloud to them!

James Pfamatter, Mia Markarian

Img 8306

Musician Jared Campbell

Img 8252

4th Grade Readers Who Went Above & Beyond the 20 Hour Reading Goal

30 hours: Donovin Baldwin, 40+ hours: Noah Heath and Lillian Mannina, 50+ hours: Ava Ksenich and Ella Woodruff

Img 8166

3rd Graders Who Read for 30 or More Hours During the Summer: Zoey Hayes and Malakai Martel

Img 8259

5th Graders Who Logged 30 or More Hours of Summer Reading: Brett Jones and Emily Klock

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