A Letter to Our Readers

The business and publishing landscape over the past decade has been characterized by rapid change brought about by technological, economic and social transformations. The Susquehanna County Independent has continually adapted to this changing climate to remain a viable service to the community. 

We’re proud to say that we have been part of the community for over 200 years and will continue publishing your local paper long into the future.   

In order to ensure our future success, we must continue to adjust to the changing environment.  Technology has completely changed the way we do business. Our editorial and advertising staff is mobile and spending more of their time out in the communities we serve. 

Our production, printing, circulation, classified and legal advertising and accounting functions have, for some time, been managed from our main office in Towanda.  

Today, the weekly news, sports and advertisements you read in the Independent can be written, designed, submitted and proofed on a cell phone or laptop, and as a result, the time we spend in our office is minimal. Subsequently, we have moved our office in an effort to better meet our current needs.

The office is now located in lower level of the Tannery Place in Montrose. The on-the-go nature of our business does not allow for routine office hours, so please call and make an appointment before stopping by. For your subscription, classified, advertising or editorial needs, simply continue to call the office at 570-278-6397.

I’ve personally been involved with the Susquehanna County Independent for over 20 years.  I, too, get nostalgic about the paper and sometimes long for the days before cell phones, emails and all things digital that have so dramatically changed the way we work, shop and interact with one another.  I quickly realize, however, that technology is the very thing that has allowed us to survive in an ever-changing economic environment. 

It is our goal to preserve, invest in and grow the Susquehanna County Independent, a paper that showcases local people, businesses and all that we love about our community.


David Barry, Publisher

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