County honors Voter Hall of Fame inductees

The Susquehanna County Commissioners honored inductees into the state’s Voter Hall of Fame in a presentation held Friday, Aug. 6 at the courthouse in Montrose.

Residents who have voted in November elections for the past 50 years are eligible for induction into the Voter Hall of Fame. While there was a long list of 50+-year voters, one woman has cast her ballot in 75 elections.

Margaret B. Olin, age 98, grew up in Dimock, graduated from the Dimock School in 1941 and now resides in the Montrose area.

“I think people should have a say in so many different things,” Olin said. “That’s their privilege to vote.”

In the past election, Olin chose to continue to “have her say” by mailing in her ballot.

In addition to commendations and recognitions from Gov. Tom Wolf, State Sen. Lisa Baker, Reps. Tina Pickett and Jonathan Fritz, the commissioners greeted Olin and presented her with a special award.

As the presentations began, Commissioner Elizabeth Arnold offered remarks acknowledging the voters’ dedication. “You are all patriots,” she said.

The Voter Hall of Fame recognition was held in conjunction with an open house event at the courthouse. Renovations of the building came to an end last year, but COVID restrictions kept much of the public from viewing the work.

Renovations included work in the main courtroom. Susquehanna County President Judge Jason Legg explained some of the changes and updates in the historic room.

He noted the repairs made to the ceiling; and light filtering window shades that replaced old blinds and “let in a lot more natural light in the courtroom.”

The courtroom “well” – the area that includes the counsel tables and the judge’s bench – has been enlarged, which then necessitated work done to the wooden rail, which separates the well from the public seating.

“Some of the spindles are original but some are new and matched to the original ones,” Legg said, noted the craftsmen on the project, “did a tremendous job.”

Legg also said the technological upgrades added in the room allowed court to operate throughout the pandemic “without a glitch.”

“We kept the room’s historical nature but now it’s a 21st Century courtroom,” the judge said.

The small courtroom was also renovated and is a scaled-back version of the main courtroom. The design will also be utilized in the district court office that will be housed in the county’s public safety facility.

Open house visitors and Voter Hall of Fame ceremony attendees were also treated to cookies and punch in the main lobby of the courthouse.

PA Voter Hall of Fame Inductees

75 Year Honoree

Margaret B. Olin

50 Year Honorees

Carol Arnold, Roberta Bailey, Dorothy Ball, Ralph Barry, Helen Benio, John Benio, Donald Bennett, Fred Benson, Sylvia Birchard, Arthur Bolles, Marian Bolles, Sue Ann Borowicz, Janis Bunnell, Richard Burdick, David Burman, Diane Burman, Robert Burshnick, Barbara Button, David Carpenter, Elton Carr, Alice Castrogiovanni, John Castrogriovanni, Joyce Cobb, Francis Conboy, Barbara Corey, Richard Craige, Thomas Curley, Lee Anne Dayton, Edward Dewitt, Everett Elbrecht, Donna Evans, Suzanne Farrell, Patricia Forsyth, Helen Foster, Gene Franklin, Barbara Fuhrey, Linda Gardner, Donna Gelatt, W. Meredith Golden III, Mary Jo Hart, Jay Harter, Anne Hawley, David Hibbard, Ellen Holdredge, Harvey Hollenbeck, Joseph Homan, David Hughes, Donna Johnson, Joan Kamansky, Richard Kamansky, Anne Karp, Joseph Karp Jr., Shirley Kelly, Perina Kinney, Eygene Lecher, Nancy Loch, Maria Maby, Audrey Marbaker, Glenda Marbaker, Rudolph Mattes, Sally McCarthy, Charles Mead, John Miner, Marian Muss, Elaine Nealy, Robert Nealy, Theresa Noldy, William Noldy, Harry Ord, Martha Ord, Janice Price, Philip Price, Joanne Puterbaugh, Marilyn Race, Walter Race, Richard Robinson, Kay Shamberger, Thomas Shamberger, Mary Show, Edward Shelp Jr., Carol Smith, Dorothy States, Richard States, Shirley Stewart, Geraldine Venne, Shirley Wademan, Mary Lou Warner, James Wells, Muriel Wells, Mahlon Winkleblech Jr., Elaine Wood, William Wood, Louis Zefran, Patricia Zefran, Mary Zigon.

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