Cross country results

Elk Lake

Elk Lake’s boys’ and girls’ cross country teams each took a pair of victories on Tuesday afternoon in Dimock to remain unbeaten on the year.

Elk Lake’s boys moved to 7-0 on the year with an 18-37 over Wallenpaupack and a 16-45 win over Delaware Valley as Luke Jones took first place at 16:35.

The Lady Warriors moved to 5-0 with a 22-35 win over ‘Paupack and a 17-46 win over Delaware Valley as Maria Trowbridge finished first a 19:34.

Other top finishers for Elk Lake’s boys included Jeff Horvath in third at 16:57, Will Bennett in fourth at 17:10, Sean Carney in fifth at 17:14 and Bryan Grosvenor took 11th at 18:10.

On the girls’ side, behind Trowbridge was Elizabeth Trowbridge in second place at 19:56, Kirsten Hollister in fifth at 20:17, Laney Bedell in ninth at 20:46, Emily Williams in 10th at 20:49, Abby Zdancewicz in 11th at 20:50 and Cassy Salsman in 15th at 22:17.

In junior high action, Elk Lake’s boys took a 28-29 loss to Delaware Valley while the girls’ team beat Delaware Valley 15-50 while beating Wallenpaupack 25-31. Jenny VanEtten took first for Elk Lake at 11:49.

Mountain View

Mountain View’s boys’ cross country teams took home a win from a home meet on Tuesday.

The boys’ team defeated Susquehanna 15-50 while falling to Lakeland 17-45, Lackawanna Trail 15-48 and Riverside 25-30.

On the girls’ side, Mountain View faced a loss from Lakeland, 15-50.

Coming in tops for the Eagles was Ridge Bernosky in 13th place with a 20:25, and on the girls’ side, Mountain View was led by a 15th place finish from Mary Skrowicz at 32:59.

Also finishing for the boys was Anthony Miller in 22nd at 21:28, Liam Maloney in 33rd at 24:06, Austin Chudlinski in 34th at 24:08, Joe Marshalet in 37th at 24:33, Owen Flannery in 39th at 25:05, Tony Gaynor in 40th at 25:11, Brian Gade in 52nd at 29:42, Zach McCarty in 55th at 30:38, Chris Powers in 59th at 44:57 and Mike Purdy in 60th at 44:58.

In junior high action, Mountain View’s boys were defeated 15-50 by Dunmore, Lakeland, Susquehanna and Lackawanna Trail while the girls’ team faced 15-50 losses from Susquehanna, Lakeland, Riverside and Dunmore.

Finishing for Mountain View’s junior high boys were James Goodenough in 17th at 13:08, Seth Fluck in 30th at 16:02, Joey Nally in 32nd at 16:10 and Douglas Martula in 38th at 18:38.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge’s boys’ split a pair while the girls’ team lost two at a meet held at Elk Lake on Tuesday.

The Raider boys finished up defeating Delaware Valley 22-36 while falling 23-35 to Wallenpaupack as Jake Hinkley finished in second place at 16:53.

On the girls’ side, Blue Ridge lost 15-50 to Delaware Valley and Wallenpaupack.

Coming in behind Hinkley on the boys’ side was Mike Robbs in eighth place at 17:44.

In junior high action, Blue Ridge’s girls lost 15-50 to Delaware Valley and 19-40 to Wallenpaupack.


Montrose’s boys’ team split while the girls’ team took a pair of losses at a meet held at Elk Lake on Tuesday.

The boys took a 28-30 win over Delaware Valley while falling 17-42 to Wallenpaupack as the girls’ team took a 20-41 loss to Wallenpaupack and a 26-32 loss to Delaware Valley.

Finishing tops on the boys’ side was Ryan Martin in 13th place with a time of 18:23, while Samantha Bennici took third place overall on the girls’ side at 20:11.

Allison Lewis finished in 14th place for the Montrose girls with a time of 21:59.

In junior high action, Montrose’s boys lost 17-44 to Delaware Valley and 15-50 to Wallenpaupack while the girls’ team took a 15-50 win over Delaware Valley and a 16-44 loss to ‘Paupack.

Forest City

Forest City’s boys’ and girls’ teams were swept in a cross country meet at Valley View on Tuesday.

The boys’ team faced 15-50 losses for Abington Heights, Valley View and North Pocono while the girls’ team also suffered a trio of 15-50 losses.

Forest City didn’t place any runners in the top 15 of the race.

In junior high action, Forest City also took 15-50 losses from North Pocono, Abington Heights and Valley View.


Susquehanna’s boys’ cross country team traveled to Mountain View on Tuesday where the Sabers suffered four losses.

The Sabers took 15-50 losses from Lackawanna Trail, Lakeland, Riverside and Mountain View.

Finishing for Susquehanna’s boys was Zack Stanford in 58th at 35:55 and Tim Flannery in 59th at 35:55.

In junior high action, Susquehanna’s boys faced a 19-36 loss from Lakeland, a 19-36 loss from Dunmore while beating Trail 22-32 and defeated Mountain View 15-50.

Finishing for the Saber junior high boys was Justin Acone in 14th at 13:01, Nick Acosta in 15th at 13:01, Sal Pelicci in 24th at 13:54, Brad Sherman in 30th at 15:05, Cory Glidden had 35th at 17:14, Jacob Smith had 36th at 17:21 and Justin Stanford in 38th at 18:13.

Susquehanna’s girls’ team defeated Mountain View 15-50, Dunmore 19-36, and Lakeland 22-33 while taking a loss from Riverside 26-29.

For the junior high girls, Alyssa Sweeney finished tops with a first place overall finish at 13:39, while Mikayla Hargett took fourth at 14:07, Piper Jauthier took 13th at 15:11, Mashawna Hargett took 15th at 15:17, Miranda Groover took 19th at 16:58, Rachel Hubal took 20th at 17:00, Jessica Plutino had 21st at 17:01, Nicole Sherman had 24th at 17:50, Katie Green had 30th at 18:46, Gabby Cena had 31st at 19:14, Tracy Miller had 33rd at 21:12, and Alyssa Rockwell had 34th at 21:21.

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