Meteors continue with wins

At Elk Lake, Zach Mead, Brandon Curley and Owen Brewer swept the 2-4 spots as Montrose earned four wins. Cody Oswald was fifth for Elk Lake and Peyton Jones was sixth as the Warriors earned four wins. Jake Pasake of Western Wayne finished first overall.
At Elk Lake, Justine Johns finished third and Keri Jones was fourth as the Lady Warriors earned four wins. Hannah Perkins of Montrose finished first overall, followed by Forest City’s Jennifer Korty in second place.
Jake Pasake (WW) 17:04 on 3.1-mile course at Elk Lake, Zach Mead (MON) 17:16, Brandon Curley (MON) 17:29, Owen Brewer (MON) 17:29, Cody Oswald (EL) 17:37, Peyton Jones (EL) 17:59, Liam Mead (MON) 18:06, Seth Owens (EL) 18:12, Devin Smith (CAR) 18:14, Travis Hickling (BR) 18:15, Ben Wilken (HON) 18:17, Max Brewer (MON) 18:18, Austin Dolaway (EL) 18:30, Eric Bixby (MON) 18:33, Romey Washo (MON) 18:40.
Matt Kinback (LT) 18:01 at Lakeland, Colin Kelly (WS) 18:03, Jeff Virbitsky (MTV) 18:04, Noah Molina (WS) 18:10, Bobby Titus (LT) 18:31, Noah Chup (LAK) 18:37, Mustafa Hamidi (SCR) 18:52, Zach Reeves (LAK) 19:05, John Noldy (LAK) 19:07, Josh Vituszynski (MV) 19:17, Timmy Stankowski (SCR) 19:18, Dylan Kovaleski (LAK) 19:31, Bobby Gray (MTV) 19:35, A.J. Hackenburg (LAK) 19:41, Jason Lee (SCR) 19:41.
Hannah Perkins (MON) 19:22 on 3.1-mile course at Elk Lake, Jennifer Korty (FC) 19:43, Justine Johns (EL) 20:01, Keri Jones (EL) 20:08, Paige Barillo (WW) 20:12, Annie Skirpan (WW) 20:23, Tedra Harrison (HON) 20:30, Trina Barcarola (WW) 20:52, Shyanne Bennett (EL) 20:57, Mackenzie LaMorte (HON) 21:01, Sadie Boesscher (EL) 21:02, Georgia Smith (MON) 21:20, Dana Pratt (HON) 21:23, Bella Frigeletto (HON) 21:29, Lydia Ofalt (EL) 21:30.

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