New Milford Borough considers adding cameras in park

Snow being pushed into the road by residents is creating a safety issue on New Milford Borough streets.
And cars, moved from driveways to the street during and immediately following storms, are hampering the plow truck’s ability for snow removal.
New Milford Mayor Scott Smith said the borough streets are significantly narrowed when you put just one car on them.
Councilwoman Teri Gulick suggested the borough put out an alert call to residents about the issues caused when there is even a small amount of snowfall.
Council also approved the purchase of snow tires and rims for the plow truck.
The borough is looking into adding security cameras in the parks.
New Milford Township resident Adam Millard, whose company recently installed cameras in Susquehanna Borough, told council he wanted to gauge their interest in the idea. He said cameras added a level of safety and also acted as a deterrent.
Council President Rick Ainey said, “We take a lot of pride in our parks.”
Council members expressed a consensus of interest in receiving a proposal.
Ainey suggested Millard meet with the borough’s Recreation Board with options. The Rec Board meets on Jan. 24.
Council members discussed new state legislation that would create a fund from a fee levied on mortgages when filed in the County Recorder’s office that would go to demolishing blighted properties in the county.
Ainey said that based on information put out by the state, a fund established in Susquehanna County, would generate about $45,000 annually.
The borough is also moving ahead with its Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance work. The planning commission will review the SALDO at its next meeting, including the fee schedule and procedural manual recommended by Milnes Engineering.
The borough website is under construction. Councilman Shawn Carey is asking residents to submit photos – both historical and recent, and historical anecdotes about the town.
Three percent raises were given to both the borough secretary and the public works employee. Council also discussed how to address the issue of unused vacation time by borough employees with several ideas presented. No decision was reached on the matter and it was referred to the personnel committee to make a recommendation to the full council.

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