Montrose talks codes concerns, gas lease

Several borough properties in the downtown area are being cited for not clearing the sidewalks after snowstorms.
At least four properties in the business district were issued citations by the borough codes enforcement officer.
Codes Officer Jessie Grimm also reported looking into a building with two apartments located in the basement after concerns were brought forth.
It was found that the apartments do meet the requirements for exits, but fall short on the ceiling height and window requirements. The short ceiling height is “not enough to be dangerous” codes told council but would fall under the category in the code as being “unfit for human occupancy.”
The same holds true for the windows – or lack thereof. Grimm said there are no windows in either apartment and code requires there be windows in all habitable rooms.
Councilwoman Judy Kelly asked if the borough could draft a letter to the property owner outlining the deficiencies that need to be corrected before taking any action.
Council is looking at its options before taking action on how it would like to proceed with the matter.
In an effort to make code requirements less stringent for property owners making ordinary repairs, borough council amended its ordinance to allow for the borough to follow the state code. The change makes it less burdensome for borough residents, Council President Sean Granahan said.
Members of borough council told Cabot Landman Vince Gerrish they would like to take him up on the offer of a meeting to go over the gas company’s lease proposal and questions on how gas is drilled, including the “law of capture.”
Gerrish said that according to state law, there is no forced pooling in Pennsylvania and properties cannot be drilled on if there is no lease for that property.
He also said that none of the permitted laterals on the Greenwood pad is scheduled to go underneath borough property.
Audience members Julanne Skinner and Barbara Clifford also had questions for the landman.
Skinner asked about gas migration and if gas from properties not leased could be part of what was gathered.
Clifford asked about the placement of horizontals on property lines adjacent to non-leased properties.
Cabot has offered the borough $1,000 per acre and 15 percent royalties with no deductions.

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  1. Staci Wilson cites two questions to the gas representatives from audience members Skinner and Clifford near the end of the article, but she does report how the gas reps answered the questions. How did they?

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