Krupinski wins Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts race


Susquehanna County voters took to the polls last week for the municipal primary.
In the county-wide race for Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts on the Republican ballot, Jan Krupinski received 2,304 votes to Chris Jones’ 1,272.
Krupinski also carried the write-in vote on the Democratic ballot.
Currently employed in the County Coroner’s office, Krupinski worked as a deputy in the Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts office for 11 years.
Jones is the currently in the position, taking on the role following the resignation last year of Susan Eddleston from the elected post.
Election results are still unofficial, and will not be certified until later this week.
Voters in the Montrose Area Region 1 School Director’s race still have a choice to make in November for the two seats. Region 1 is comprised of Montrose Borough and Jessup Township.
All four candidates for the two seats appeared on both the Democratic and Republican ballots.
On the Democratic ballot, former school director Pamela Staats received 85 votes and Taylor Warner received 74 votes; Jennifer Strickland received 45; and Gloria Smith received 37. Staats and Warner will move through to the Municipal Election in November as the Democratic candidates.
On the Republican ballot: Strickland received 191 votes; Smith received 183 votes; Staats received 157; and Warner received 133. Strickland and Smith will move through to the Municipal Election in November as the Republican candidates.
In the Blue Ridge School Director Region 1A (New Milford Borough) primary, Mindi Carr received 41 votes on the Republican ballot to Shawn Carey’s 38. Carr’s named also appeared on the Democratic ballot where she received 17 votes.
Outcomes of other contested races were:
*Ararat Twp. Supervisor (6-year term): On the GOP ballot, Joseph Holmes received 39 votes to Willard Cobb’s 28. Holmes will face Democratic candidate Lee Hugaboom in the fall election.
*Gibson Twp. Tax Collector: On the Republican ballot: Heather Pearsall received 71 votes; Linda Sivers – 69; and Cheryl Tompkins – 51.
*Jackson Twp. Tax Collector: Susan Pease received 82 votes; Paul Gralewski received 31 on the GOP ballot.
*Jessup Twp. Supervisor (6-year term): Dennis Bunnell received 118 votes, Daniel Warner received 28 on the Republican ballot.
*Rush Twp. Supervisor (6-year term): On the GOP ballot, Allen Jayne received 69 votes to William St. Claire’s 30 votes.
*Montrose Borough – Mayoral race: Thomas LaMont received 119 votes; David Darrow received 100 votes on the Republican ballot.

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