MA board re-approves special meeting items

The Montrose Area School Board, Monday, re-approved all the items that appeared on the agenda of a special meeting held Aug. 23.
The district did not meet the 24 hour advertising requirement for notice of the special meeting, and opted to present the agenda items again for vote at the Oct. 9 business meeting.
Christine Rosenkrans was hired the district’s Director of Curriculum at a salary of $90,000. Rosenkrans, currently employed by the Wyoming Area School District, is not scheduled to start in Montrose until later this month.
The board also re-approved a one-year extension of the Act 93 Group administrative compensation plan, retroactive to July 1.
Resignations by teachers from extracurricular duties, per a submitted list, were also accepted by the board, effective Aug. 30. Many of those positions were filled by members of the community and school district support staff.
On Monday, Oct. 9, the board also heard preliminary reports on the PSSA and Keystone exams; and discussed raising the rate of pay for teaching and nursing substitutes and the shortage of subs.
The district’s comprehensive plan will be posted on the website for 28 days for public review and comment.

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