Local parties question ‘Youth in Booth’

Chairs of the local political parties thanked the county commissioners at the Wednesday, Oct. 26 meeting, for addressing their concerns about the “Youth in the Booth” initiative.
Local Democratic Party chairman Rick Ainey said the program appeared to come “out of nowhere.”
Ainey said his concern was with students acting in the role of inspectors at polling places on Election Day and said he had questions about the program.
Modifications to the proposed program were made by the commissioners – who also serve as the board of elections – to have the approved students at polling places as observers of the process.
Commissioner Elizabeth Arnold said she hoped the program would continue in order to help get students involved in government.
Donna Cosmello, chair of the county Republican party, said her concern was with what the students would do during the day.
The Youth in the Booth Student Poll Worker Program is provided for by Pennsylvania Election Code, which allows students to serve as clerks or machine inspectors. Students must meet age and grade criteria, as well as have parental approval, and teacher recommendations to participate.
About 18 students in the county signed up to participate. With the changes to the initial proposal, students in the county will only be acting as observers to on Election Day.
In other business, the commissioners accepted, with regret, the resignation of Diane Quattrochi, Director of Elections/Voter Registrar, effective Nov. 20.
The commissioners also approved the transfer of SarahRae Sisson from Assistant Director of Elections/Voter Registrar to the Director of Elections positions, effective Nov. 20.
Several audience members asked for updates from the commissioners on the status of the proposed incineration facility.

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