Election board finds no irregularities in process

The Susquehanna County Board of Elections conducted an investigation based on a complaint filed regarding concerns with irregularities in the county commissioner petitioning process.

The complaint, filed after a court challenge was mounted against four Bootstrap candidates seeking a spot on the ballot in the county commissioners’ race, suggested the candidates’ paperwork had been misplaced or destroyed.

The Election Board, comprised of Chris Caterson, SarahRae Sisson and Nancy Panzera Jackson, determined the integrity of the elections or processes in the county have not been compromised, according to a letter issued April 22 by Director of Elections Macy Rudock.

It was also determined by the board that no malicious or illegal acts took place in the voter registration office.

The board determined the paperwork in question in the complaint had been filed with the nomination petitions in the office of Voter Registration and Elections, and not with the Chief Clerk’s office. The board also noted the noted the nomination petitions, along with the associated paperwork are public record and are available for the public to view.

Results of the board’s investigation were sent to the District Attorney’s office for review as required by law.

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