PennDOT shifts gears to patching

Every state road in Susquehanna County is listed on the white board on the wall of PennDOT’s Susquehanna County Maintenance Manager Brian Small’s office.

The list represents Small’s commitment to “shift gears” over the next two months in an effort to get a handle on potholes and launch a road recovery plan.

He plans to cross road numbers off the list as the crews complete the patching.

“All of our efforts are going into patching and dirt roads,” Small said, while providing an overview of PennDOT’s summer work plans in the county.

He estimates is will take two solid months to get the majority of potholes fix and work done on the state-owned 60 miles of dirt roads.

Small outlined specific problem roadways and work scheduled to be done on those this year, including the milling and seal-coating of Route 492; and resurfacing of Routes 11 and 171, as well as a patch and seal of Route 267 north in an effort to keep that road together.

He said the seal coat will help to hold the lower trafficked roads together.

Small has met with Dept. of Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards twice since she toured the county with him and elected officials in early May.

When that work is completed, Small plans to return the roadwork focus back to shoulder cutting and crack sealing in the fall.

Small said he also plans to return to a strategic maintenance schedule which would provide for a six-year roadwork rotation. Susquehanna County is divided into six work zones. With the maintenance schedule, all of the state roads in the county will be seal-coated within the six years.

Plans for this year include seal-coat work largely taking place in the southeast corner of the county.

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