Instrumentalists shine at County Band Festival

Mountain View band director Mason Stiver directed the Junior High County Band’s performance of Music for the Queen’s Court. PHOTO COURTESY SUE GESFORD

Instrumental performers from school districts in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties gathered at Lackawanna Trail High School for the annual County Band Festival.

Kevin Dikeman, of Lackawanna Trail, was the host director. Blue Ridge, Elk Lake, Forest City, Lackawanna Trail, Montrose, Mountain View, Susquehanna Community and Tunkhannock Area participated in the festival.

Junior High participants performed selections conducted by area directors.

Forest City’s John Scavone directed Espana Cani; Mountain View’s Mason Stiver conducted Music for the Queen’s Court; Irish Jig for Young Feet was directed by Kathleen Amabile of Elk Lake; Tunkhannock Area STEM Academy’s Kevin Krienberg conducted Dark Ride; and Kenny Luckey, of Tunkhannock Area directed Jazzoo.

The Senior High Band was under the direction of Vincent LoRusso, Blue Ridge band director.

The performance included the selections: West Salem Winds by Ed Huckeby; Also Sprach Zarathustra arranged by Robert Longfield; Africa arranged by Paul Pavender, The Thunderer by John Philip Sousa, and Australian up-Country Tune by Percy Aldridge Grainger.

Junior High participants from Susquehanna County included:

Blue Ridge: Gracey Hinkley, Jake Glausha, Zach Randall, Brooke Tingley, Stephanie Burkle, Nicholas Laude, Jamare Minton, Jordyn Mudge, Shelby Seamans, Leigha McCain, Kendall Farthing, Nick Pallman, Libby Zick, Ryan Scott, Aiden Glawgow, Braedon Philpott and Alex Cisek.

Forest City: Sydney Hodges, Riley Long, Caelum Cahoon, Austin Price, Abygale Plevyak, Laura Nebzydoski, Vanessa Hodges, Emily Matoushek, Clara Stackhouse, Hunter Johnson, Evan O’Neill.

Elk Lake: Sierra Grant, Haley Chotkowski, Mackenzie Conboy, Paxton Diljak, Mitchell Delono, Mason Johnson, Cayden Stephens, Samantha Andrejack, Erin Herman, Mackenzie Strohl, Dylan Sharer, Alan Carey, Cohen Farrell, Jeff Werle.

Susquehanna: Matthew Matis, Meghan Perry, Lauren Brown, Alex Hall, Jayden Herbert, Jeremiah Hadden.

Montrose: Alex Fordham, Sarah Kincer, Hope Zenger, Gelina Smith, Lee Sullivan, Ethan Powers, Matt Leonard, Tim Pratt, Alex Edwards.

Mountain View: Morgan Tweed, Luke Zipprich, Jackson Gesford, Hannah Bills, Kinsey Catalfamo, Riley Jagger, Ordie Price IV.

Senior High participants from Susquehanna County included:

Blue Ridge: KayLeen Conklin, Anthony Torres, Madison Swisher, Ashley Tomassacci, Holly Geyer, Ryan Glatzel, Liberty Graves, Madison Carpenter, Brandon Gentile, Makayla Starbuck, Sierra Bross, Olivia Colwell, Marissa Derrick, Clay Repella, Zander Daley, Jake Birch, Malaki Upright, Carl Potter, Gerald Welsted, Gunnar Wenzl, Breanna Graves.

Mountain View: Kayla Ward, Collin Saam, Shannon Toolan, Jealousy Gorko, Andrew McHenry, Alex Karp.

Elk Lake: Elizabeth Rothwell, Emma Chotkowski, Jeremy Quinnan, Todd Snyder, Reese Warriner, Doug Priestner, Dan Warholic, Olivia Voll, Ben Werle, Justice Johnson, Terrence Brozonis.

Montrose Area: Lydia Whalen, Catherine Strickland, Scott Warren, Jonathan Creamer, Gabby Moyer, Nathan Farley, Ken Hsiao, Jack Martin.

Susquehanna: Elizabeth Weible, Ryan Armitage.

The County Chorus Festival and Concert will be held tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 13, with Forest City Regional as the host.

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