Montrose requests fluoride removal from water

Montrose Borough Council has submitted a proposal to PA American Water Company to eliminate fluoride from the town’s drinking water system. The move was approved at the November borough council meeting.

According to the PAWC website, the company has a neutral position on the addition of fluoride to drinking water and – in systems where they currently fluoridate –are abiding by the wishes of the community.

To remove the fluoride from the water system that services the borough, PAWC needed a formal request submitted from the council before they could remove the additive from the water supply.

According to the PAWC website, the company “will discontinue fluoridation of the water if a 100-percent agreement is received by all municipalities being served. If all communities agree and the highest elected official in each municipality confirms in writing to Pennsylvania American Water that fluoridation is no longer wanted, we will stop the addition of fluoride and we will cancel all of our applicable permits with DEP.”

Montrose is among 11 municipalities where fluoride is being added to the drinking water system. The other municipalities include: Clarion, Coatesville, Indiana, Kane, Kittanning, Mechanicsburg, New Castle, Philipsburg, Pittsburgh/ McMurray/ Washington/ Mon Valley. and Uniontown.

While fluoride was initially introduced to drinking water to strengthen the enamel of teeth, many believe that there is enough fluoride content in the food today to make it’s placement in water obsolete.

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