Montrose boys remain undefeated

Brandon Curley of Montrose was fourth overall, Owen Brewer was fifth and Zach Mead was sixth as Montrose earned three wins at a Lackawanna League boys cross country meet Tuesday.
The Montrose boys remain undefeated this season, 16-0. The final meet of the regular season is scheduled for Tuesday. Oct. 16; with a meet held after this paper went to press on Tuesday, Oct. 11.
Cody Oswald was seventh overall as Elk Lake earned three wins.
Keri Jones of Elk Lake finished third overall, Justine Johns was fourth and Shyanne Bennett was fifth as Elk Lake earned three wins in a Lackawanna League meet.
At Honesdale, Jennifer Korty of Forest City finished first overall.
David Haines (NP) 16:53 on 3.1-mile course at Abington Heights (course record), Dan Uhranowski (AH) 17:03 (school record), Kyle Burke (AH) 17:06, Brandon Curley (MON) 17:09, Owen Brewer (MON) 17:14, Zach Mead (MON) 17:23, Cody Oswald (EL) 17:24, Peyton Jones (EL) 17:52, Liam Mead (MON) 17:55, Randy Bocan (NP) 18:05, Seth Owens (EL) 18:07, Austin Dolaway (MON) 18:08, Eric Bixby (MON) 18:24, Max Brewer (MON) 18:29, Romey Washo (MON) 18:31.
Katie Dammer (AH) 19:21 on 3.1-mile course at Abington Heights, Hannah Perkins (MON) 19:45, Keri Jones (EL) 20:02, Justine Johns (EL) 20:18, Shyanne Bennett (EL) 20:44, Sadie Bosscher (EL) 20:45, Alex Schuermann (AH) 21:17, Georgia Smith (MON) 21:28, Alana Kravitz (NP) 21:42, Lydia Ofalt (EL) 21:47, Sarah Bath (AH) 21:55, Karris Fazzi (BR) 22:08, Abby Haddock (NP) 22:19, Emma Marion (AH) 22:20, Santina Burak (VV) 22:39.
Jennifer Korty (FC) 20:15 on 3.1-mile course at Honesdale, Tedra Harrison (HON) 20:53, Annie Skirpan (WW) 20:55, Paige Barillo (WW) 20:59, Trina Barcarola (WW) 21:23, Dana Pratt (HON) 21:35, Denali Hutzelmann (DV) 21:53, Vanessa Paolella (DV) 22:00, Isabella Frigoletto (HON) 22:08, Taylor Kryzan (WAL) 22:26, Sarah McDougall (DV) 22:31, Mackenzie LaMorte (HON) 22:40, Victoria Hutchinson (WW) 22:51, Hanna Smith (WAL) 22:55, Kiara Mayers (HON) 22:58.
Jr. High Top finisher: Rachel Korty (FC) 13:59 on 2-mile course at Honesdale.
Abby Corrigan (HC) 20:15, Lexi Walsh (HC) 20:22, Abby Guziewicz (HC) 20:34, Mia Bellucci (SP) 20:39, Abby Bowen (SP) 21:28, Kate Welby (SP) 21:34, Tori James (LT) 21:55, Claire O’Connor (HC) 22:23, Ashleigh Clarke (LT) 22:27, Molly Burda (HC) 22:36, Adiya Golden (SP) 22:37, Jaylen Hyuck (SUS) 22:59, Erika Pica (HC) 22:59, Molly Repecki (HC) 23:00, Alex Tomaine (HC) 23:03.

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